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Welcome to HostedPHPScripts! If you want PHP scripts on your site but don't have PHP access then you have come to the right place! HostedPHPScripts offers remotely hosted fast and free reliable PHP scripts to help your website become more popular. Don't forget many of our scripts can be managed from the login page and the background color can be changed. Best of all we have no pop up or large ads on members pages. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Hosted Scripts We Offer:

Refer A Friend - Ever want to have people who visit your site be able to tell their friends about it but don't have any easy way? Well the Refer A Friend script makes it an easy and robust way to allow other to tell other people about your website -- through a form! Demo - Click Here

Website Counter - Want to be able to tell how many people are visiting your website with an easy way? Our remotely hosted web counter does just that and you can put it on your website to show others as well! Demo -

Message Board - Ever wanted to have it so your website visitors and guest could participate in discussion an easy way? Our message board lets everyone on your site participate and you can even manage the board through our website control panel. Demo - Support Forum

Password Protection - Have a page that you don't want to be seen by everyone but only users who you trust? Well the password protection page script will allow you to password protect any one page on your website you want with a password you choose. Demo - Click Here - Password Is 'demo'

Guestbook - Want to have your users can leave a little message to you about your site? The hosted guestbook allows you to do so through a form. Its quick and easy. Demo - Click Here

Form Mailer - Our form mailer feature allows it so people can contact you to your email via a form to leave comments, get support or any other thing they may contact you about. Demo - N/A Sign Up!

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