Privacy Policy

1) Information Gathered - When you sign up for our scripts we take information such as your email address, internet protocol (IP), your name, your birthdate, your website and where it is categorized. Your email address is taken so we know where to contact you if any alerts or any other thing comes up; we will never sell it or send advertisements with it (we will however send a link to our site to make sure the message was sent from us). Your internet protocol (or otherwise known as IP) is taken to ensure security. If you abuse our services we may contact your ISP (internet service provider) and notify them of the abuse. Your name is taken so we may greet the user in a more formal way such as in an email alert or when you login to your account. Your birthdate is taken to ensure you are over the age of thirteen so the child's online privacy act may be followed. Your website information is taken so we know where to implement our scripts.

2) Posted Information - All information posted to and from our scripts (this is aimed at message boards and guestbooks) is responsibility of the account holder. will not be held liable for any false, misleading or abusive messages. It is also the account holder's responsibility to moderate the information posted on their scripts.

3) Third Part Websites - is not liable for links to third party websites or any websites that can cause damage or harm to the user's computer. This means the responsibility is the user who clicked the link and left the site to go to another site.

4) Advertisers & Cookies - does not use cookies but its advertisers do. Their cookies track your information so they know if you click their link or not and to track information such as the user's browser. is not responsible for the cookies put on your computer. If you wish to not have the cookies please change your internet security settings.

By reading this privacy policy and using this site, you are acknowledging that you agree to this privacy policy and it may at any time be changed.

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